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Welcome To The Christmas Wonderland

Mr. Bill has been providing Corpus Christi with an extravagant Christmas display since 1999. Every year the display gets more added to it, growing with the kids that come to see it every day. People come up to Mr. Bill on a daily basis telling him how they wish their family in another state or country could see this display. Now anyone, anywhere, at anytime can view the display from this very site.

This train stands 6 ft. tall and over 102 ft. long. There are 7 motors making this train work. Rudolph is waving from the locomotive. The second car has Santa sitting in in his sleigh waiving to the children. The third car contains presents. The fourth has three moving snowmen. The 5th car has two elves cutting down Christmas trees. The 6th car has room for kids to sit in it next to an elf and get their pictures taken. The 7th car contains more presents. The 8th car has Sponge Bob Square Pants bouncing up and down, with a Christmas bear and The Grinch wrapping presents. The caboose has 4 elves in it waving and moving their heads. The 2 cars with packages in them each have a speaker built in to them where the Chipmunks are singing Christmas Carols. The 10th car is new this year and has a reindeer and Shrek on a push cart following the train with additional presents.


The manger scene has been moved across the street to my son's house. The 15 piece manger scene contains life size figurines. This scene is also motorized with the wise men's heads moving slowly up and down as if they were bowing. The left side of his yard contains one camel sitting, and one standing drinking out of a water trough that is constantly refilled by a life size woman. New this year is an old style pull cart filled with hay.


The choir has 12 singers and a 4 piece orchestra, plus a conductor. Christmas carol music comes out of speakers built into 2 of the choir members. The conductor, the piano player, the guitar player and the drummer are motorized so that their arms and heads move. All figures in this scene are full size.



On the left side of the yard stands Frosty in the North Pole Depot waiving to kids as they pass by. Next to the Depot is Santa's Workshop which houses three elves that are making toys and bouncing up and down.

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3242 Hampton St., Corpus Christi, Texas 78414

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