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Have you ever been curious about how Santa Claus found his high-flying reindeer to deliver presents to boys and girls around the world? Well consider the mystery solved! 


Inside this book, you will discover the magic of Christmas, as you get to know each reindeer and their wonderful character traits that helped Santa find his brave reindeer team! 


This book is designed in such a way that you can take a few moments after each reindeer story to discuss how your child can apply each character trait to their daily lives.

  • Dasher learns courage
  • Dancer learns bravery
  • Prancer learns humility
  • Vixen learns to tell the truth
  • Comet learns to have self-control
  • Cupid learns kindness
  • Donner learns generosity
  • Blitzen learns patience
  • Rudolph learns to appreciate his unique ability


You will not want to miss this wonderful book filled with adventure, life lessons, and the magic of Christmas!

How Santa Found His Reindeer

  • Once you purchase your book, you can pick it up on the night you visit us at Christmas Wonderland. Just show your receipt & your book will be in the "Reindeer Barn" of Christmas Wonderland for pickup!

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